About Us

Making scalable and long-lasting software since 1995.

End Point was founded in New York City in 1995 by Rick Peltzman and Ben Goldstein. Today, we’re headquartered in New York, with our staff and clients around the globe.

Along the way we’ve worked with startups on the east and west coasts and in between, including Drop.io, Backcountry, Stance, Byte, Carjojo, Mode Analytics, and Domino. These growth-focused, data-intensive businesses benefited from our expertise in scalable infrastructure, project management, and information security.

We enjoy working with a diverse portfolio of clients across many industry sectors.

Large institutions have also entrusted us with protecting and scaling their information systems. We’ve managed very large database installations for financial service clients such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup.

Today, we maintain a robust consulting practice offering project support and expansion, custom software engineering, ecommerce development, and infrastructure support.

Few firms wed engineering expertise to project execution like we do. Whatever you dream, we can build.

End Point has been Cybergenetics’ information technology partner for over twenty years. They helped us build our first TrueAllele® supercomputer that reanalyzed DNA evidence from the World Trade Center disaster. From database guidance to website development, End Point is instrumental in Cybergenetics’ success.

Dr. Mark W. Perlin, Chief Scientific and Executive Officer, Cybergenetics