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PgCon: Preparing the keynote, more talks and today is Developer Meeting day

By Selena Deckelmann
May 20, 2009

I spent most of Tuesday polishing up slides for my VACUUM strategy talk, reviewing the Power psql talk slides, working a little bit and then meeting up with all the new arrivals.

Dave Page and Greg Stark rescued Magnus and I from the coffee shop and we settled in at the Royal Oak for the evening. Dave, Magnus and I decided on the theme “Why people are choosing Postgres” for our keynote, and we managed to produce a few slides to guide us!

Peter Eisentraut was there and I chatted briefly about his fun FUSE project for Postgres that he’ll be giving a Lightning Talk about on Friday. (There is still time to give a lightning talk, by the way! Find me, or just update the wiki and I’ll add you to the agenda.)

I also saw CB (one of the database gurus) from Etsy there, and I’m hoping to meet up with him and a few more people this evening. Tom Lane and I chatted a little bit about my experience at MySQL Conference, and how things seem to be going with Drizzle.

All in all, had a great evening and I even survived Dave’s frequent refilling of my beer glass. I’m looking forward to today’s Developer Meeting.

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