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UTOSC 2012 talks of interest

By Jon Jensen · Friday, May 18, 2012

Tags: browsers, conference, javascript, python, redhat, security, sysadmin, virtualization

It's been two weeks now since the Utah Open Source Conference for 2012. My fellow End Pointers wrote previously about it: Josh Ausborne about the mini Liquid Galaxy we set up there for everyone to play with, and Josh Tolley with a write-up of his talks on database constraints and KML for geographic mapping markup.

There were a lot of interesting talks planned, and I could only attend some of them. I really enjoyed these:

  • Rob Taylor on AngularJS

  • Brandon Johnson on Red Hat's virtualization with oVirt, Spacewalk, Katello, and Aeolus

  • Clint Savage about RPM packaging with Mock & Koji

  • Daniel Evans on testing web applications with Capybara, embedded WebKit, and Selenium (which End Pointer Mike Farmer wrote about here back in December)

  • Aaron Toponce on breaking full-disk encryption (I missed this talk, but learned about it from Aaron in the hallway track and his slides afterwards)

  • Matt Harrison's tutorial Hands-on intermediate Python, covering doctest, function parameters and introspection, closures, function and class decorators, and more.

I gave a talk on GNU Screen vs. tmux, which was fun (and ends with a live demo that predictably fell apart, and audience questions that you can't hear on the recording). Here's the video:

Follow this Direct YouTube link in case the embedded version doesn't work for you. And here are the presentation slides.

I have a bit more to cover from the conference later!