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Popular Mobile Apps from Brian and Adam

By Steph Skardal
June 15, 2012

In our last lightning talk of the conference, Brian Dillon and Adam Vollrath shared some of their favorite mobile apps. Brian queried the room to see the phone type divide in the room. Here was our split: 33%—​iPhones, 33%—​Androids, 33%—​unsmart phones.


Brian likes pure simplicity for iPhone apps:

  • Dropkick, categorization, syncing, require account creation
  • Simplenote: same thing, but for notes


Adam has an Android “because Google owns him”:

  • Google Goggles: Rumored Google technology is integrated into this. Google tries to ad-hoc identify logos, book covers, automatic translation of images, images, QR codes.
  • K9 Mail: email client
  • Andchat: IRC client
  • WiFi Analyzer: provides site survey on network traffic
  • SpeedTest

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