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Company Presentation: Ember, Backbone and Friends

Greg Davidson

By Greg Davidson
July 13, 2012

We had a “virtual” company meeting today using Big Blue Button with Free Conference Call HD for audio. I gave an overview on the upcoming crop of JavaScript MVC Frameworks and how they attempt to mitigate some of the issues faced by JavaScript-heavy web applications. Later on, I spoke more specifically about Backbone.js and Ember and demonstrated an example Todo List application from Addy Osmani’s TodoMVC project. If you are interested in evaluating and learning more about client-side frameworks, TodoMVC is definitely worth a look.

Slides from the talk

I used Google Presentations (now Google Slides) for this as I have for several other talks lately and have found it really great to use and collaborate on presentations with others. Check out the slide deck from my talk below:


During the Q&A time afterward we discussed LocalStorage a little bit as it’s used for the storage layer for each of the TodoMVC todo list applications. We covered some of the options which allow client-side MVC frameworks to sync data between the client and RESTful server-side web services.

We also covered how much the Chrome Developer Tools have improved recently and I encouraged my colleagues to try them out if they haven’t already done so. Many End Pointers including myself use Firebug and we talked a little about where it excels compared to the Chrome Dev Tools. Logging and inspecting XHR requests was a great feature Steph pointed out.

It’s great to have some many helpful tools and software like this to work with in the open source community.



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