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Blog posts for June 2013

Rails transposing day and month after upgrading Ruby 1.8.7

Brian Buchalter 路 June 26, 2013

Custom 500 error page while using nginx proxying

Richard Templet 路 June 21, 2013

Debugging obscure Postgres problems with strace

Greg Sabino Mullane 路 June 20, 2013

Spree鈥檚 New Release Policy

Brian Buchalter 路 June 17, 2013

Making use of a Unix Pipe

Mike Farmer 路 June 13, 2013

Railsbridge NYC

Bianca Rodrigues 路 June 13, 2013

Installing PostgreSQL without Root

Szymon Lipi艅ski 路 June 12, 2013

Converting root filesystem from ext3 to ext4 on CentOS and RHEL 5.9

Jon Jensen 路 June 12, 2013

PostgreSQL Functional Indexes

Szymon Lipi艅ski 路 June 10, 2013

Creating custom button graphics in Android

Zed Jensen 路 June 7, 2013

Window functions in action

Josh Tolley 路 June 5, 2013

JSConf US 鈥 Day 2

Greg Davidson 路 June 5, 2013

DevOps engineer job opening (remote)

Jon Jensen 路 June 4, 2013

JSConf US 2013 鈥 Day One

Greg Davidson 路 June 4, 2013

CSS Conf 2013 鈥 When Bootstrap Attacks!

Greg Davidson 路 June 3, 2013

PostgreSQL as NoSQL with Data Validation

Szymon Lipi艅ski 路 June 3, 2013

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