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Custom 500 error page while using nginx proxying

By Richard Templet · Friday, June 21, 2013

Tags: nginx, sysadmin

I was working with our customer Paper Source to setup a 500 error page that looked like the rest of the site when I ran into something interesting. I went through the nginx configuration and added this line to allow for a custom 500 error page just like I had done for the custom 404 error page.

error_page   500  =  /cgi-bin/paper/500.html;

What I noticed when I forced the site to create an Internal Server Error was that I was still getting the ugly normal Apache version of the 500 error page. It seemed like nginx was ignoring the error_page directive. I did some searching and found out that you have to use the proxy_intercept_errors directive.

proxy_intercept_errors on;

This directive allows nginx to recognize the 500 error code being returned from Apache and run its own directives to display the right page.