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Convert Line Endings of Mac and Windows to Unix in Rails and Test with RSpec

Selvakumar Arumugam 路 April 30, 2014

Liquid Galaxy installation at Westfield State University

Will Plaut 路 April 30, 2014

RailsConf 2014: My Sketchnote Summary

Steph Skardal 路 April 28, 2014

Custom plans prepared statements in PostgreSQL 9.2

Greg Sabino Mullane 路 April 28, 2014

Building an Open Source Software-Centric Company at RailsConf 2014

Steph Skardal 路 April 25, 2014

RailsConf 2014 on Machine Learning

Steph Skardal 路 April 24, 2014

ActsAsTaggable acts quirky

Marina Lohova 路 April 24, 2014

Spree Security Update 2.x.x Error, undefined method 鈥榓ssume_from_symbol鈥 for Money:Class (ActionView::Template::Error)

Matt Galvin 路 April 23, 2014

Dictionary Comprehensions in Python

Szymon Lipi艅ski 路 April 23, 2014

Rails Tips & Tricks at RailsConf 2014

Steph Skardal 路 April 23, 2014

RailsConf 2014: Highlights from Day One

Steph Skardal 路 April 22, 2014

Chrome, onmousemove, and MediaWiki JavaScript

Greg Sabino Mullane 路 April 18, 2014

Piggybak: Upgrade to Rails 4.1.0

Steph Skardal 路 April 16, 2014

Firefox, Input (type=button), and Line-Height

Kent Krenrich 路 April 16, 2014

SPF, DKIM and DMARC brief explanation and best practices

Emanuele 鈥淟ele鈥 Cal貌 路 April 15, 2014

jQuery Content Replacement with AJAX

Jeff Boes 路 April 15, 2014

Speeding Up Saving Millions of ORM Objects in PostgreSQL

Szymon Lipi艅ski 路 April 11, 2014

Sanity, thy name is not MySQL

Jeff Boes 路 April 10, 2014

Filling Gaps in Cumulative Sum in Postgres

Szymon Lipi艅ski 路 April 8, 2014

Open Source: Challenges of Modularity and Extensibility

Steph Skardal 路 April 7, 2014

I Annotate 2014 Day 2: If it were easy, we would have already solved it

Steph Skardal 路 April 5, 2014

I Annotate 2014 Conference: Day 1

Steph Skardal 路 April 4, 2014

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