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wroc_love.rb a.k.a. “The best Java conference in Ruby world”

By Wojtek Ziniewicz
March 18, 2015

Time and Date: 13–15th March 2015

Place: Wrocław University

Amongst many Ruby and Rails talks on this conference, there were some not related to Ruby at all. Since 2013 I have observed a growing number of functional programming topics and concerns. Even the open discussion was mainly devoted not to OOP but to concepts like Event Sourcing or patterns similar to those promoted by Erlang or Clojure.

So let’s enumerate the best moments.

First of all, the “ClojureScript + React.js” presented by Norbert Wójtowicz. The link below points to the presentation that was recorded on Lambda Days. It is a fascinating talk about gigantic technology leap that is going to have a impact on the whole OOP world.

Nicolas Dermine presented Overtone’s implemented mostly in Ruby that’s called Sonic Pi which lets you basically write code that plays music. It is a great tool from which to learn programming and to use to have fun in the same time. It is also a great tool for teachers (both music and programming).

There was also a fascinating talk about some aspects of social engineering in sourcing the requirements from your customers. It was presented by Alberto Brandolini, and the technique is called Event Storming.

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