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AngularJS is not Angular

By Piotr Hankiewicz
October 3, 2017

Why I’m doing this?

I often see that people use AngularJS and Angular names interchangeably. It’s an obvious mistake for someone familiar with the front-end programming.

If you don’t believe me (why would you?) just go to the Angular team repository or Wikipedia (Angular and AngularJS).

AngularJS (1.X)

AngularJS is a popular open-source JavaScript framework created by Miško Hevery released in 2010 that was subsequently taken over by Google. It’s not the same thing as Angular. The latest stable version of the framework is 1.6.6.

Angular (2+)

Angular is an open-source TypeScript-based framework created by Google from scratch. It’s been totally rewritten and not compatible with AngularJS. The latest stable version of the framework is 4.4.4. They started from version 2 to avoid even more confusion.


I feel I have made the world better. Go now and correct everyone (it’s such fun)!



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