Enterprise Security

We provide real, verifiable security for our clients.

It takes intelligence and expertise to stop cyber attacks.

The challenges to ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of technology systems have never been greater. A growing reliance on networked computers has given rise to greater vulnerability and created formidable new threats.

End Point protects the privacy & security of your business.

Information security requires protecting computers, software, and information systems from theft, damage, or disruption — no matter the cause. Security means protection from natural disasters, as well as bad actors. At End Point, we help organizations harden their infrastructure and software applications against any threat.

I have enjoyed working with End Point and give them a five star rating. I only wish all my business relationships were as easy!

Katie McLane, Potomac Tutors

End Point practices security.

We take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the systems and data our clients entrust to us. We continually train our staff on evolving security threats, procedures, and safeguards. From years of experience in security conscious industries — ecommerce, healthcare, and finance — we’re familiar with the special handling required for sensitive information. This familiarity is rooted in our years of experience creating PCI DSS compliant systems for ecommerce and payment processing and HIPAA compliant software for the healthcare industry.

Everybody likes to say that their system administrators stay informed of emerging security vulnerabilities and software patches. Ours really do.

End Point offers security & risk assessment services to:

  • Audit to identify infrastructure security risks, including software, personnel and operational practices.
  • Develop a plan to protect infrastructure, systems and data.
  • Harden infrastructure and software applications.
  • Deploy real-time monitoring and recovery systems.
  • Respond to threats and plan for continuous improvement.

Good security usually goes unnoticed.

Security is most often only appreciated after it is breached, sometimes with terrible repercussions. We investigate and consider all possible threat vectors — and strive to remain obsessively vigilant.