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End Point’s website analytics specialists work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive plan for actionable insights and stronger performance based on our expert analysis. The most common toolkit for this is Google Analytics, but we have also worked with Piwik and Open Web Analytics, as well as custom tools.

We begin by identifying opportunities for impact. We work with our clients to develop a situation-specific game plan based on trends and opportunities within your industry. This strategy allows us to identify the greatest opportunities to strengthen and optimize the online presence of our clients.

Optimal Efficiency

Our team’s analytics expertise, combined with our strong problem solving abilities, leads to consistently strong ROI for our clients. We carefully determine metrics that will best help track efficiency of campaigns for online advertising, ecommerce promotions, email marketing, and more.

In an effort to create lasting change, we are happy to work with all functions of your business in order to ensure that findings from analytics are being utilized most effectively. We also can train all departments within your company to get the most out of these analytics, to ensure no insight goes to waste.

Working with You

Our analytics team can work with you on individual projects, or as part of more comprehensive company initiatives. Once End Point has created the framework for support and analysis, our team will provide ongoing assistance to track changes and provide recommendations as necessary. Our team will regularly relay the most important information and takeaways that can help your organization grow. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing your company needs!