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JavaScript on the Server

Node.js is built on the V8 JavaScript engine from Google. It enables developers to build fast and scalable web applications that often outperform other server-side technologies. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript.

Community & NPM

The Node.js community is extraordinarily vibrant and its members share thousands of software projects by publishing them to “npm” — the Node Package Manager and code repository. It’s common to search npm and find that someone else has already solved the problem you are working on.

Bring Legacy Applications Into the Future

Node.js excels at networking and bringing web services or the various parts of an application together. It can be added to an existing application stack and used to replace one part at a time. Its ability to respond to requests so quickly also makes it a great fit for mobile sites and single-page applications where speed and latency are critical.

Node.js Based Utilities

There are many Node.js-based tools including yarn, grunt, gulp, broccoli and webpack which make the web development process more efficient and productive. End Point developers take advantage of these modern build tools where possible and can assist you in adopting them in your web projects.

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