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Testing & Selenium


Automated Testing

Testing a web application in one browser on one computer, following one path through the site, is not particularly difficult. But sometimes an application looks and behaves differently in other web browsers, or on other desktops and mobile devices. Problems may also lurk in less popular areas of the site. Automated testing can greatly reduce the work of ensuring that complex web applications function as designed.

Automated testing is also an investment in the future. A web application is never done once and for all. As changes are made, both new and existing features need to be tested. This is much quicker with a good automated test suite, helping catch problems before a customer encounters them.

Unit Tests

Unit testing is a way of scripting tests of your application’s many functional units. Unit tests can make sure every nook and cranny in your application works correctly, and that your code runs quickly, so it’s enormously beneficial to create a thorough set of unit tests for your application.

Developers who write unit tests typically write higher-quality code that has better design, documentation, and deployment. Creating proper tests can be challenging, but at End Point we have extensive experience crafting robust, sensible test suites in many languages and frameworks.

Integration Testing with Selenium

Selenium is a framework that tests a web application by simulating a user’s experience in a browser. Our tests instruct Selenium to actually open a browser, navigate to a website, and do what is needed to make sure the site works correctly, and behaves sensibly even when the user does unexpected things.

It can check that JavaScript code works correctly, that forms submit, and that customer data really got saved. Selenium supports the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera browsers, so you don’t need to try everything out in all of them manually.

End Point has experience writing large and complex test suites using Selenium. They have helped keep the websites we work on robust and stable, and have allowed our developers to be more efficient when changing website features.

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