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Development Environments Made Easy

Vagrant is a tool that eases the creation and management of virtual machines for local development environments. It can be easily installed on macOS, Windows, and Linux, so your entire team can experience Vagrant’s benefits.

For example, you might run a virtualized copy of your web application stack which is powered by Ubuntu Linux on a Mac or Windows desktop, complete with all libraries and special configuration necessary. Installing all of this from scratch without the assistance of a tool such as Vagrant can be extraordinarily time-consuming and frustrating.

Simple Configuration

The configuration settings for your Vagrant development environments are included as a text file alongside the other resources (source code, images, etc.) in your project. Inside the “VagrantFile” you can describe the requirements of your application stack—including the operating system and software to be installed—and how it should be configured. There are several tools available to streamline the configuration process, including Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, and bash.

Lightweight, Reproducible Development Environments

Vagrant offers an alternative to our DevCamps system. It allows your team to work locally and offline in a development environment which closely tracks your production application. It’s even possible to have a multi-machine Vagrant environment (e.g. separate servers for web and database) to ensure your local development environments match your production systems.

End Point Knows Vagrant

End Point developers are comfortable using Vagrant development environments and are also able to assist you in setting up Vagrant for your next development project. Contact us for more information.