GIS: Geographic Information Systems

We organize and visualize data so it entices and enlightens.

See better.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide for storing, analyzing, and visualizing various types of spatial or geographic data. When data is visualized in maps we often notice trends, patterns, complex geometries, and localizations at a glance, revealing insights that would be hidden in a pile of numbers.

Our GIS experts are adept with many technologies and look forward to helping you meet your needs involving geographic data collection, processing, and presentation.

The Liquid Galaxy.

For the past decade we have built and supported the Liquid Galaxy, where information is brought to life in a rich panoramic 3D experience that can either highlight specific findings or enable free-flight interactive exploration. The Liquid Galaxy surrounds users with a panoramic visual experience, all managed by software configured for a customized hardware installation. The end result is a rich, highly immersive, and engaging way to experience your data.

Enter Vision.Space.

Now we also offer Vision.Space, the most advanced enterprise conference room platform. With multiple-screen video walls, multiple data streams, multiple touch interaction points, and easy wireless connectivity, Vision.Space is built to maximize meeting productivity, message effectiveness, and shared experience.