End Point

End Point is a full-service ecommerce consultancy. We have the expertise and knowledge to choose the right tools, look at the big picture, and excel in all aspects of the industry:

Front-end Development

We create attractive and functional web experiences that help your visitors find the information they need, participate in your community, or complete a purchase with a minimum of friction.

  • Front-end programming in JavaScript and CoffeeScript with Ajax
  • Frameworks: jQuery, Backbone.js, Knockout, AngularJS, YUI, ExtJS, Handlebars.js, Mustache.js, Dojo, Prototype, Mootools
  • User interface design and development: CSS, HTML5, Sass, Haml, mobile, Flash
  • Performance monitoring
  • Functional testing
  • Search engine optimization, online marketing
  • Analytics: Omniture, Google Analytics, Piwik, Open Web Analytics
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