Audio/Video Integration

As part of our growing Liquid Galaxy deployments, End Point offers full AV installation and configuration services. For our clients who want a full turn-key solution, End Point can take care of all facets of installing a Liquid Galaxy in your office, museum, or university. We can design the overall system to fit with your architecture, install the wall-mounted displays, wire all systems to the servers, as well as configure and set the navigation podium for optimal presentation to your viewers.

For our clients who have an existing AV provider, we welcome the opportunity to cooperate with their design specifications and installation teams where they install the displays and wiring, while our team installs and configures just the servers and software for an optimal presentation.

The End Point Liquid Galaxy can also integrate and incorporate other video sources for display on the platform. By utilizing video mixers and source control technology, your conference room can be switched to show any of the following:

  • Liquid Galaxy for GIS and panoramic photos/videos
  • Local files via HDMI input from laptops in the conference room
  • Cloud-based files via browser windows
  • Video conferencing systems with the addition of cameras and microphones

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