At End Point we take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the systems and data our customers entrust to us. We routinely train our staff on evolving good security policy, procedures, and safeguards. We are familiar with the special handling needed for personal identifying information (PII) such as birthdates, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. which warrant the highest levels of security.

We have a baseline set of standards for all data in our care, and also help those customers who have additional regulatory or other requirements specific to their systems and data. For example, we routinely assist our customers with PCI DSS compliance for ecommerce systems and HIPAA compliance for health care data.

We have helped many of our customers in a wide variety of industries perform security reviews of their systems, databases, and applications. Aside from training our own staff, we also offer training for our customers’ personnel to improve operations, risk assessment, technology security, and incident response.

Everybody likes to say that their system administrators stay informed of security vulnerabilities and software patches, and schedule routine or emergency updates to systems as needed. Ours really do. We also prepare for the worst by practicing recovery from failure and backup restoration. To make a gross understatement, it’s not helpful to find out only after a disaster that your backups are outdated or incomplete and you can’t make a full recovery.

Good security is usually unnoticed, and all too often is only appreciated after security is breached, sometimes with terrible repercussions. We know that being hyper-vigilant in maintaining our systems and in aggressively addressing security lapses when they arise is well worth our efforts.

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