Support and Expand

Bring us your existing project, bring new life to your business.

Expert engineers take on your project

Our expert engineers take a deep dive into your existing application or infrastructure and help get you back on track. We do expert in-depth code reviews and audits to give you short-, medium-, and long-term options for improvement.

End Point practices security

We take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the systems and data our clients entrust to us. We continually train our staff on evolving security threats, procedures, and safeguards. We are familiar with the special handling required for sensitive information from years of experience in security-conscious industries — ecommerce, healthcare, and finance. This familiarity is rooted in our work creating PCI DSS compliant systems for ecommerce and payment processing and HIPAA compliant software for the healthcare industry.

Everybody likes to say that their system administrators stay informed of emerging security vulnerabilities and apply software patches. Ours really do.

I have enjoyed working with End Point and give them a five star rating. I only wish all my business relationships were as easy!

Katie McLane, Potomac Tutors

Phased Updates

We realize that to rebuild core applications from the ground up and retrain staff is often impossible. We can work with your existing, even outdated, applications and bring them up to date in a careful and measured way to make the most of your budget and ease transition pain.

Full Service Agency

From remote desktop monitoring and email support to cloud infrastructure and full-stack application consulting, End Point can support all of your business infrastructure to get you through a tough spot today and in a position for future growth and security into the future.