Application Complexity

End Point has developed complex Ruby on Rails applications in and out of the ecommerce domain. We apply our years of ecommerce expertise to advise you on the best solutions for product optioning, promotions, merchandising, marketing, search, usability, inventory management, fulfillment and more. We’ve created other kinds of Ruby on Rails applications for our clients as well.

Staying in the Game with Scalability

When your ecommerce site encounters a wave of popularity, you want it to handle the load and boost your revenues. With intelligent caching, tuned database queries, and when needed, load-balanced server clusters, End Point developers use their expertise to produce Rails sites that scale up to meet high levels of demand.

Here’s one of our clients:

E-COMMERCE survivalinternational.org

Survival International is a non-profit organization that supports tribal groups worldwide in education, advocacy, and campaigns. End Point developed Survival International’s Spree-based ecommerce site with custom theme integration and shopping cart customization including discounts, donations, and gift wrap options, described more in this blog post. Survival International contributed back to the Spree community with a product options extension derived from the work for Survival International.