End Point is a premier Spree consultancy. End Point has been developing Spree-based ecommerce extensions since its inception in early 2008. Spree is an extensible ecommerce platform for Ruby on Rails intended for heavy duty ecommerce web sites.

Put End Point’s Spree experts to work for you!

End Point has developed and maintained several Spree extensions, including the extensions shown below. Many of the extensions developed by End Point were prompted by client business requirements. End Point’s developers deliver with extensible solutions and contribute to the Spree community by open-sourcing the extensions.

  • spree-product-options: This extension introduces an advanced 2-dimensional product optioning view for product variant selection. This extension and its design is described in detail here.
  • spree-quick-polls: This extension provides the functionality to create a single questions survey or poll. Surveys can be assigned to users roles.
  • spree-product-reviews-ratings: This extension introduces functionality to review and rate Spree products.
  • spree-sitemaps: This extension includes functionality to generate html, xml, and txt sitemaps.
  • spree-google-base: This extension includes functionality and interface to produce and manage a Google Base feed.

End Point clients have also sponsored the development of several extensions:

  • spree-faq: Based off of an existing faq extension, this extension includes a modification to include role assignment to frequently asked questions.
  • spree-multi-domain-static-content: Based off of two existing extensions, this extension introduces static page management in a multi domain construct.

  • spree-static-content: Based off of an existing extension, this extension provides the functionality to manage static content pages in Spree.

Here’s one of our clients:

E-COMMERCE survivalinternational.org

Survival International is a non-profit organization that supports tribal groups worldwide in education, advocacy, and campaigns. End Point developed Survival International’s Spree-based ecommerce site with custom theme integration and shopping cart customization including discounts, donations, and gift wrap options, described more in this blog post. Survival International contributed back to the Spree community with a product options extension derived from the work for Survival International.