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Andreu Ibáñez

Liquid Galaxy Project Manager

Andreu Ibáñez

With End Point since: 2016
Location: Lleida, Spain

Andreu has had a long career as both project manager and director of sales in the IT field. He is an expert in many Google technologies, having been deeply involved in projects such as Google Glass Explorer, Google Summer of Code, The Physical Web and Project Tango. He also runs the Liquid Galaxy LAB, an R&D laboratory located in Lleida’s Scientific Park where students from around the world come to develop projects using Google Maps and Earth technologies like the Liquid Galaxy.

Project Manager, Ponent 2002.

Marketing and Sales Manager, Internet Web Serveis.

Marketing Manager, SAFYC.

Support Manager, Olivetti Spain.

CTO, Commodore Spain.

Andreu lives in Lleida, Spain. He is married and father of two. When he’s not in front of his computer, he likes to travel around the world, speaking to various groups, spreading the word about the new technologies he’s working on—and also on the subject of drones, in his role as founder of LleidaDrone, Spain’s oldest drone association.

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