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Árpád Lajos

Arpad lajos

Árpád graduated in 2008 and was green in the industry when, due to the world economic crisis, newly graduated programmers had difficulty finding a job. He started to work as a freelancer and became adept at jumping into new projects and learning frameworks and skills on the spot. He also learned to explain technical details in non-technical terms.

Árpád’s primary experience is in JavaScript, Java, C#, Visual Basic, PHP, CSS/​HTML, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, C, C++, Symfony, Twig, Bootstrap, and Doctrine. He’s currently getting his feet wet in Rails and Vue.js.

Conceptual challenges in programming attract Árpád, but he also likes to see that what he does is useful and helpful. He enjoys complex problems and considers coding to be a method to transform ideas into a smiling client.


Web Developer, PPH, 2018.

Web Developer, TecTrac, 2011–2013 & 2016–2017.

Web Developer, Qooh.me, 2013–2018.

Programmer, Replise, 2013.

Freelancer, 2008–2011.

Árpád has contributed to these publications:


  • Sapientia, Mathematics/Informatics, Hungarian University of Transylvania, Târgu Mureș, 2008.


As a very logical person, Árpád thinks a lot about various things, including, but not limited to, philosophical questions. He also likes to read literature and relaxes by playing chess.