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David Christensen

Cross-platform developer

David Christensen

With End Point since: 2006
Location: Lawrence, Kansas

David has substantial experience and a broad skill set ranging from systems integration to Perl programming and complex database designs. He enjoys finding quick, elegant solutions to unique and complex problems. Specific interests include the Perl DBI, LAMP (the Linux, Apache, mod_perl and Postgres wattage), Ajax/JavaScript, and Catalyst.

Computer Programmer for Center of Educational Testing and Evaluation, Unversity of Kansas from 2001–2005. Built and managed online portal giving school districts across Kansas access to their scores and data on state-administered standardized tests.

BS, Mathematics, University of Kansas, Lawrence, 2001.

David enjoys spending his time with his wife and their 5 wonderful children, 2 cats, and 5 chickens; playing music, baking artisan breads, camping, lounging in the backyard hammock, and enjoying wine by the sunset.
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