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Dmitry Kiselev

Dmitry kiselev

Dmitry (Дмитрий Киселев) is a geo-geek, with experience in server-side and front-end technologies including Leaflet.js, Pro4js, OpenLayers, AngularJS, Raphael.js, PostGIS, JTS, and QGIS. He loves to create maps and analyze geographical data, which makes him an excellent fit on the Liquid Galaxy team.


Developer, Naumen, 2007–2016. ERP for telecommunication companies based on TM Forum eTOM, using Hibernate ORM with a GIS module based on OpenLayers2, wms layers, vector data layers, and custom projections.


  • MS, Software Engineering, Ural Federal University (in progress).
  • BS, Electronics and Automation of Physical Installations, Faculty of Physics, Ural Federal University, 2009.


Dmitry is devoted to his two beautiful daughters and wife. He is an addicted OpenStreetMaps mapper, and loves to sing and craft.

Dmitry kiselev

Dmitry’s blog posts

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March 7, 2016