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Ed Huott

Ed huott

Ed is a system administrator and DevOps engineer who also contributes to web development projects. You might call him a service man since the list of services he is adept at setting up and maintaining is long: web (Apache, nginx, Tomcat), mail (Postfix), database (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL), DNS (BIND, PowerDNS), LDAP (389 Directory Server), Monitoring (Nagios/Check_MK), Git (GitLab), file server (Samba/SMB, NFS, AFP), SSH, FTP, DHCP, etc.

With over thirty years of hands-on experience in the IT field, Ed’s expertise also includes network management and security in complex heterogeneous environments (Unix/Linux, Windows, macOS). He is no stranger to scripting and software development in a variety of languages (shell, Perl, PHP, Python, C/C++, Java).

Revision control (Git, Subversion, CVS), configuration management (Ansible, Puppet), monitoring, virtualization and containers (AWS, GCP, Proxmox, VMWare, VirtualBox, Docker), content management systems (Drupal, Craft) and database administration round out Ed’s skill set.

Ed is, above all, a quick learner and a problem solver. Give him access to the documentation and the code and he will figure it out!


Systems Administrator and DevOps Engineer, Series Digital, 2015–2017. Cared for client and in-house servers in a managed virtual hosting environment. Deployed, maintained, debugged, and monitored websites. Led major security retrofit of existing LAMP application. Contributed to a major infrastructure migration on AWS.

Systems Administrator, Outbox Technology, 2012–2015. Administered systems in a primarily CentOS (Red Hat) environment. Scripted using Bash, Python, and Ansible to automate administration and monitoring tasks. Maintained and implemented monitoring, LDAP, SAN (storage area network, Dell Compellent), and email systems.

Senior Web Developer and Assistant Systems Administrator, Espace Courbe, Inc., 2010–2012. Developed websites primarily in a LAMP environment, including with Drupal CMS. Administered office network of web, mail, database, file and directory servers, CVS and SVN revision control systems, and backup.

IT Consultant, Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal, 2011–2012. Designed and built prototype Drupal website to allow candidates to submit film dubbing auditions on-line, incorporatiing video playback and audio recording using Flash and Java. Designed and built “Vitrine de doublage” web site using Google Sites, to showcase students graduating from the film dubbing program.

IT Consultant, The Noteworthy Company, 2000–2010. Systems administration, software and web application development (LAMP, Java, Perl, etc.).


  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, 1983.
  • Certificat en français langue seconde pour non-francophones (Certificate in French as a Second Language), Université de Montréal, Montréal, Québec, 2006.


A fan of the original Star Trek before it was in reruns, Ed’s future as a geek was clear as he kept boxes filled with wires and parts for his various electronics projects. He programmed in BASIC and APL on his high school’s only desktop computer, an IBM 5100. He also hopped on the Linux boat early, using it as his main desktop operating system since 1995.

Ed’s passion for languages extends to spoken ones. In 2002, he came to Montréal, Québec, Canada to study French and experience life in a place where English is not the primary spoken language. He’s since learned to speak Québécois «en s’il vous plaît!» and considers himself a full-fledged bilingual Montrealer.