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Erin Jensen

Administrative Assistant

Erin Jensen

With End Point since: 2015
Location: Teton Valley, Idaho

Erin is an administrative assistant at End Point. One of her responsibilities is to monitor and manage domain and SSL/TLS certificate renewals, to ensure our clients and their customers experience no interruptions in service.

Freelance writer (Teton Valley Magazine, Teton Valley News).

Librarian, Valley of the Tetons Library.

Accompanist, Teton High School choirs.

County elections poll worker.

President, Friends of the Valley of the Tetons Library.

BA, Comparative Literature, Brigham Young University, 1995.

Erin is a knitter, organist, and reader. She spends a fair amount of time managing the home school and social life of her three children (of six) still at home.

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