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Greg Sabino Mullane

Database specialist

Greg Sabino Mullane

With End Point since: 2005
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Greg’s primary programming emphases are PostgreSQL and Perl, including melding the two with DBD::Pg, PL/Perl, and Bucardo. He has a degree in microbiology, and previously did bioinformatics work for the National Human Genomics Research Institute, where he quickly learned how to deal with extremely large data sets. He has extensive experience with Oracle, Sybase, HTML/CSS, Linux, Solaris, and a number of other open source technologies. Since 2001, Greg is a “major developer” of the PostgreSQL project and has acted as technical consultant on two books on PostgreSQL.

Computer Scientist for Digicon Corporation (NHGRI, NIH) from 2003–2005. Bioinformatic support for scientists at the National Human Genome Research Institute; database design and engineering and Perl programming.

Database and Applications Developer for Medical Manager from 2002–2003. Maintained and developed high-volume monitoring system using XML, PostgreSQL, Perl, etc.

Senior Systems Engineer for National Data Corporation from 2000–2001. Main developer for high-volume web-based transaction system using Perl/CGI.

BS, Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, 1997.

When not at the computer working on various projects, Greg enjoys traveling the world with his wife (Hong Kong being the latest trip), playing ball with his dog, and trying to not trip over his own feet in the attempt to master the DDR game.

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