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Ian Neilsen

DevOps Engineer

Ian Neilsen

With End Point since: 2017
Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Ian is an open-source software developer and Linux system administrator who delivers strong product and program management skills, acting as an experienced jack-of-all-trades. Ian has worked with and managed diverse teams of developers, system administrators, architects, and technical project managers, helping with DevOps transformations.

Ian’s broad technical knowledge of Linux, security practices, and development environments, and his passion for automation spans nearly 20 years. He has worked on large projects, often with complex and disruptive software, including Docker, OpenStack, Red Hat Virtualization, Gluster storage, and OpenShift. Ian has helped to open source various projects, such as Nitrate (a test case management software) and PDC for Fedora and has worked with Polarion, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Foreman, and many other testing and configuration tools and open source projects.

He has been involved with large-scale integrations and migrations of financial and academic content management systems for the Australian law courts, Australian police, Hitachi, Red Hat, and others. Ian also enjoys working with various initiatives carried out by local and national universities implementing free wireless meshes using Linux.

Senior Manager, Red Hat, 2012–2017.

Founder, 7Functions & Wired Technology, 1998–2009.

System Specialist, The Alpha School System, 2007–2009.

BA, Applied Science - Biology, University of Queensland, 1993.

BA, Geographic Information Systems (partial), University of Queensland, 1998.

Microsoft Certified Professional, 2000.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), 2012.

While being passionate about Linux and other open source tech, Ian also dreams of his next cross-country paragliding or big wall mountain climb mission.

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