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Jon Jensen

Chief Technical Officer

Jon Jensen

With End Point since: 2002
Location: Teton Valley, Idaho

Jon is an experienced software developer specializing in web applications, internationalization & localization, database schema design, and scalability. He has been a core developer of the Interchange web application server platform since 2000.

Jon excels at networking, systems security, and administration of Linux and BSD Unix operating systems. He is also experienced with software packaging, system configuration management, and version control systems.

Slides and video from some of Jon’s conference presentations are available online.

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat, 2001–2002. Developer for the Red Hat ecommerce Suite and the Red Hat Intranet. Implemented and supported ecommerce websites for consulting clients.

Software Engineer, Akopia, 2000–2001. Contributed to Tallyman open source ecommerce software. Helped create Interchange open source ecommerce framework from combination of MiniVend and Tallyman.

Digital Media Administrator and Desktop Publishing Specialist, Brigham Young University, 1996–2000.

BA, Linguistics, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1998.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), 2002.

Jon enjoys spending time with his family, reading, hiking, running, snowshoeing, and advocating free software. He is fluent in German.

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