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Kürşat Kutlu Aydemir

Kürşat Kutlu Aydemir

Kürşat is a software engineer having experience and knowledge of Java, C#/​Xamarin, Perl, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Elasticsearch, Solr, PostgreSQL, SharpDX, OpenTK, the Unity game engine, and the Interchange and Vue Storefront e-commerce platforms. He loves learning new technologies and also develops as a hobby.


Software Engineer, GizIT Ltd., 2018. Developed and led the dev team of a J2EE enterprise web app (a business service management app) for large-scale companies. Successfully released in 10 months for a major telco customer in Turkey.

Software & ITSM Engineer, Vodafone Turkey, 2011–2018. Completed and contributed several internal projects to help the company achieve its yearly goals by developing several in-house automation Perl and shell scripts, Java app wrappers, web services, etc.

Founder & Software Consultant, Modulkom, 2009–2011. Founded this company as an IBM business partner in network availability management, business service management and decision support systems solution areas. Developed a Java SNMP manager for a telco vendor to provide affordable mediation software for their network management systems.

Solution Integration Consultant, Motorola Turkey, 2007–2009. While working as a solution integration engineer, completed the very first network availability project for their customer, a major telco operator.

Software Engineer, Teknolist, 2003–2005. Helped development of one of the most innovative e-learning management systems of Turkey, built on Perl, Apache, and Linux.


  • BS, Computer Science Engineering, Istanbul University, 2004.


Kürşat likes trekking, traveling with his family, and camping with friends in the Caucasus mountains. He is fluent in Turkish and Kabardian, a northwest Caucasian native language.