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Mark Arrowood

Fulfillment Manager

Mark Arrowood

With End Point since: 2017
Location: Bluff City, Tennessee

Mark manages Liquid Galaxy fulfillment at End Point’s Tennessee office. He oversees receiving, warehouse and inventory, packing, delivery, and logistics for Liquid Galaxy components and assembled systems.

General Manager, automobile industry, 2012–2015. Increased sales by 100%, maintained 96% collection rate, maintained complete control of all lot logistics from purchasing product to sales of 95% of 200+ units.

Warehouse Manager, Smith and Wesson/Schrade Cutlery, 2006–2011. Managed up to 35 employees and 6 different departments, maintained approx. $20 million in inventory with less than 1.75% variance. Controlled all inbound logistics from Asia, as well as outbound sales across the world. Worked closely with freight forwarders and customs.

Trade Show Coordinator/National Sales Manager, Convex Apparel Printing Systems, 1992–2003. Mark was the first employee of this startup company, working in the machine shop, painting, shipping & receiving, and research & design. Mark ran trade shows and sales for 7 years, arranging travel for freight and employees to 125 shows across the world. He also was instrumental in implementing European distribution.

Delta Airlines Agent Training, Cincinnati, Ohio.

US Air Force Tech Training, Denver, Colorado.

US Air Force Training, San Antonio, Texas.

Mark joined the US Air Force directly out of high school, spending the last 2 years of his military career working outside in Anchorage, Alaska. He is a military marksman, firearm enthusiast, and a lover of everything with a motor and wheels. From cars and trucks to motorcycles and ATVs, Mark has owned well over 100 vehicles.
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