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Steph Skardal

Steph skardal

Steph is a senior software engineer with experience across several technology stacks in ecommerce. She has worked both as a consultant and as an in-house developer, excelling at understanding and translating business needs to elegant solutions. Her specific skills include Ruby on Rails, UI development, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, technical SEO analysis and implementation, and web performance.


Senior Software Engineer for Pinhole Press. Development and support of a stack migration from legacy applications to Ruby on Rails.

Software Engineer for End Point. Serving as a consultant for projects using Ruby on Rails, Interchange, and PHP. Created and contributed to open source projects including Piggybak, rails_admin_import, and Spree.

Software Engineer for Backcountry.com. Front-end developer leading work on site redesign, technical SEO, and checkout re-architecture.


  • MS/BS, Biomedical Engineering, University of Iowa, 2006.


Steph lives in Ohio with her husband, three small humans, and two elderly dogs. While her little people take up much of her free time, she still enjoys hobbies including running, mountain biking, baking, and crafting.

Personal website: stephskardal.com