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Tim Christofferson

Tim christofferson

Tim also goes by “TJ”. He loves living in a technology-rich climate and wants to be a part of the future Physicists Unite for World Peace™ consortium.

He earned his stripes working with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL databases, and developing in Java, C, PHP, ASP.NET, and old-school Fortran.

Tim is a project manager who has done extensive EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) work and also enjoys content development work in a Linux environment with KML, Inkscape, GIMP, and other tools.


EDI administration consultant, 2009–2013. Solely responsible for EDI migration/​upgrade across platforms. Programming, mapping, and maintenance in Sterling Gentran. Managed a small team and its daily operations.

Microsoft SQL Server database development consultant, 2009–2013. Developed stored procedures to automate accounting processes. Reporting and queries to illuminate the manufacturing chain.

IT Project Manager, Firstline Security, 2005–2008. Lead on a multi-million dollar financial in-house sales reconciliation project. Managed a team of programmers.


  • BS, Applied Physics, Weber State University, Utah, 2006.


TJ has a deep and profound love of music. He’s a pianist, a physicist, a video game junkie, a connoisseur of fine vegan foods. He loves animals, traveling, hiking, and is a big family guy. He can’t wait for quantum computing to be de rigueur!

Tim christofferson