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William Yeack

William yeack

William has nearly a decade of hands-on experience developing complex .NET applications, focusing on ASP.NET MVC as well as performance-sensitive server applications. Although he has spent most of his time on backend programming, William also has extensive knowledge of client-side technology and adaptive web design (JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, LESS/SASS, and HTML5/CSS3) and implementation of a variety of third-party libraries (for instance, DevExpress, Stripe, SendGrid). William has also implemented several projects using PHP, Java, and Apache Tomcat.

Additionally, William has extensive experience building highly-​available Windows infrastructure (including Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Azure, Office 365, SQL Server and Hyper-V) and the design and implementation of complex, production-​ready networks (IIS ARR Reverse Proxy, Ubiquiti UniFi/​EdgeSwitch/​EdgeRouter, SonicWall) on both physical and virtual networks.

William has led a variety of business and technology teams and leverages technology-focused project management techniques and is an advocate and experienced implementer of Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence products.


Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager, Series Digital, 2016–2017. Worked on technical initiatives for clients ranging from Azure infrastructure architecture to .NET development.

Management Consultant in Capital Markets, Accenture, 2012–2016. Led front-office strategic initiatives with a variety of investment banking institutions, focusing on helping to streamline the operational efficiencies of their capital markets technology.

Managing Partner, Golden Archer Investments, 2010–2012. Founder of a quantitative hedge fund specializing in low-latency algorithmic strategies; managed a team to develop a proprietary high-frequency trading platform.

Intern, Financial Projects Group, Deloitte & Touche, 2007. Specialized in creating financial models for several clients in the San Francisco office.

Intern, Distributed Computing Research, Carnegie Mellon University, 2006. Worked as research assistant specializing in distributed security systems.


  • MSc, Accounting and Finance, London School of Economics, 2010.
  • MA, Management, University of St Andrews, 2009.
  • Visiting scholar, Stanford University, 2007.


In his free time, William works on the development of Member.buzz, a multi-tenant group-focused social networking and payments platform.

To relax, William enjoys scuba diving with sharks and fiddling with the server rack that he installed in his apartment.

William yeack