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Database Migrations

Upgrading older PostgreSQL & MySQL versions

Like all software, older versions of PostgreSQL and MySQL eventually reach end-of-life status and are no longer supported. Your applications may need updates to be compatible with newer database versions. A continuing upgrade plan is important for any system, and End Point engineers can help you plan and execute a smooth PostgreSQL or MySQL upgrade. We also help our clients with those periodic, and always important, security and bug fix releases.

Custom-built PostgreSQL & MySQL deployment packages

End Point can build custom PostgreSQL and MySQL packages to suit any special needs you may have. The most popular open source operating systems include standard PostgreSQL and MySQL packages that are suitable for most situations. However, some of our clients have needed a custom-built database with different compile options, linking against special versions of 3rd-party software (Perl, Python, PHP, etc.), including modifications developed locally or by the community, or to install to a nonstandard location. At End Point we have supported our clients’ needs with specialized PostgreSQL RPM packages deployed via Yum repositories, taking the pain out of custom database deployment.

Migration from legacy character sets to Unicode

The emergence of Unicode as the new standard for character set encoding has simplified storing, processing, and exchanging data between systems. But getting your systems migrated from legacy encodings to Unicode can be a challenge. In PostgreSQL and MySQL, storing text in the Unicode UTF-8 encoding ensures that each character is valid. But this can introduce problems when your database or application raise new errors about invalid data being submitted. End Point has years of experience dealing with the transition from legacy encodings to UTF-8 and getting your applications and databases to the Unicode promised land.

Migrations from other databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL) to PostgreSQL

Many businesses are moving away from more expensive or less capable database systems to PostgreSQL. Although the SQL standard provides some consistency between databases, migrating from one system to another is rarely a straightforward process.

End Point engineers are well-versed in both modern and older database management systems, whether proprietary or open source. We have experience navigating the complexities that arise during these migrations, and can help you move to the world’s most advanced open source database quickly and with a minimum of interruption to your business.

Disaster recovery

Even with the best hardware on the market, things can go wrong. You may have state-of-the-art servers with redundant power supplies, multiple network interfaces, and multi-path disk controllers in front of a high-speed SAN, but fire, lightning strike, theft, and other disasters are risks that can take a critical database server offline and cause your business to grind to a halt.

End Point can spearhead your recovery. We can help you rebuild on new servers, whether your own or leased dedicated servers. We’ll recreate your PostgreSQL or MySQL setup, restore the data from your backup, and set up any security, special configuration, and other software needed to get your database services working again.

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