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Ruby on Rails


End Point offers Ruby on Rails services to help your website succeed now while remaining easy to maintain and expand in the future. Take advantage of our expertise building scalable database-backed applications, and our deployment and hosting support.

Rails is a mature development framework that broke new ground with helpful conventions that speed common architecture and development tasks. Rails implements a convention over configuration MVC framework with a rich plugin interface and out-of-the-box unit testing. In the right hands, Rails can dramatically cut time for new website development.

End Point has developed complex Rails applications in ecommerce, large-scale content management systems (CMS), health data management, location-based services, and others for our clients. We are also experienced with lighter-weight frameworks such as Sinatra, when Rails is more than you need.

Database Design

End Point understands that your data is your business. Our developers apply our database architecture and design experience to build Rails applications with organized accurate data that sets your business on the path to success.

Secure and High Performance Hosting

End Point has experience with all major Rails hosting methods, including the popular Unicorn and Passenger on cloud, dedicated, and shared servers, and multi-tenant hosting such as Heroku. We know both standard Ruby (MRI) and JRuby, and in standard and custom packaged RPM/Yum, rbenv, and rvm. We can help you get the manageable, scalable, and secure hosting environment you need.


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