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In an industry where customer service is paramount, the right strategic relationships can make all the difference. In this case study, we’ll dive into the decision made by Overmoon, a customer-centric vacation rental company, to select Endpoint as their closing provider.

Through its advanced technology and streamlined processes, Endpoint has been pivotal in equipping investors with the necessary tools to expand. Overmoon’s relationship with Endpoint has demonstrated clear and measurable impact, contributing to Overmoon's successful expansion.

This case study highlights how Overmoon's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, coupled with Endpoint's innovative real estate closing solutions, has accelerated the company's growth and redefined industry standards for vacation rental transactions. The factors behind Overmoon's decision to use Endpoint and the transformative impact this relationship has had on both companies offers helpful insight for companies and investors seeking a closing provider.

About Overmoon

Overmoon specializes in acquiring properties in prime locations with thoughtful design, to deliver exceptional and consistent vacation rental experiences. In contrast to traditional property management firms or vacation home marketplaces, Overmoon takes pride in owning every property. This unique approach guarantees an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch customer experiences for all guests.

The purchase transaction closing process is complex and inefficient, creating frictions that are difficult to solve.

Changing the Vacation Rental Industry

Overmoon’s founder, Joe Fraiman saw an opportunity in the market that hadn’t yet been addressed. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Fraiman took some time to think about how to solve the inconsistent vacation rental experience he had often faced on family vacations. He observed that traditional vacation home marketplaces have a hard time controlling the entire experience because they don’t own the homes. 

Fraiman wanted to create a more consistent vacation rental experience and established a mission to “be the greatest hosts on Earth.” With this vision, Overmoon was born.

The Challenge: Building for Scalability Across Markets

As Overmoon began to acquire new vacation rental properties throughout Florida, they realized that expanding to new markets would require a tech-forward closing solution to help them scale quickly and efficiently. 

Ultimately, Overmoon was trying to conserve resources by keeping their headcount low, so it was extremely advantageous to have a closing provider that allowed them to avoid hiring additional teams of staff.

The Overmoon team’s previous experience in the real estate industry taught them that working across multiple states often required multiple title companies. “Historically, we might have worked with three different title companies in three different states,” noted Mike Hosier, head of real estate for Overmoon.

These operational inefficiencies would inevitably lead to difficulties while scaling, due to the need to communicate with multiple title companies, manage paperwork for each transaction, and minimize uncertainty surrounding the uniqueness of each transaction experience. Thus, the Overmoon team set out to find a closing provider that could help them streamline the process.

Finding the Right Real Estate Closing Solutions

Overmoon conducted thorough research and due diligence in their search for a one-stop shop for their closing needs. 

“I spoke with most everyone in the space and gathered background on each company, but where Endpoint stood out was the history of being backed by First American and that they truly understood the vision of where we are headed,” Hosier said. 

Matt Olsen, head of strategic partnerships at Endpoint, echoed that sentiment. “When I spoke with the Overmoon team, it was clear that they were seeking a provider who could bring more than just software to the table. They wanted to find someone who could provide the same high level of service they strive for in all of their transactions and create an experience that would set them apart.”

Endpoint’s integrated, customizable solution delivers superior accuracy and ease for customers in a way that was scalable for Overmoon’s business.

“The Endpoint team understands the needs of a vacation-rental investor, which is vital to providing solutions that meet the needs of Overmoon and similar investors,” Olsen added. “We are building a host of solutions that will offer a competitive advantage by making the process of closing more efficient than ever before.”

A shared commitment to customer service

There were clear synergies between Overmoon and Endpoint from the start, especially when it came to customer service. Just as Overmoon is redefining vacation rentals by providing a superior customer experience, Endpoint is on a mission to make home closing easy for all, by providing a simple, digital closing experience that reduces friction for investors. 

The Solution: Endpoint’s Centralized Closing Team and Innovative Technology

A streamlined approach was paramount for Overmoon as their main challenge was scaling across markets. “Our goal was to find a closing vendor that was tech-forward and could build custom integrations that would help us scale,” recalled Hosier.

By adopting an all-in-one solution, the Overmoon team has been able to send in closing documents, store them in a centralized location, and work through each closing milestone in one platform while integrating with their Hubspot CRM.  

They have utilized the Endpoint API and integrations to increase efficiency and gain real-time insight into each of their transactions. For example, they adopted the Open Order Email Integration, which automatically opens an order from within their inbox. They’re also taking advantage of the Document Exchange API to manage all transaction documents in one secure place and using the Transaction Status API to track all of the closing milestones within the convenience of their own platform. 

In addition to these integrations, Endpoint has one centralized team for every closing, which eliminates excessive communication between multiple title companies across transactions. After working with Endpoint for 10 months, Hosier reported they have saved countless hours of time.

The Results: Overmoon’s Expansion and Increased Efficiency

Overmoon has expanded from serving one Florida vacation market to five – in a short time frame. Future plans include expanding to 40 to 50 markets in the next few years. In order to scale this quickly, they will rely on Endpoint to close their transactions efficiently and lean on the Endpoint team’s expertise in each geographical area. 

“With Endpoint’s standardized closing process, we only need one closing provider nationally, and we can keep our headcount low, which allows us to scale more quickly,” Hosier added. “We were pleased that Endpoint was willing to work with us at such an early stage. Things have moved much quicker than we anticipated, and we’re glad to have a closing vendor on our side from the very beginning." 

A New Approach to Title and Escrow

Through the combination of people, process, and technology, Endpoint delivers a closing experience that is simple, secure, and consistent at scale.


We assemble the brightest minds in tech and real estate to reimagine the home closing experience.


Our centralized operating model ensures consistency and security at scale.


Innovative yet accessible technology turns piles of paperwork into easy tasks that can be completed from anywhere.

"With Endpoint’s standardized closing process, we only need one closing provider nationally, and we can keep our headcount low, which allows us to scale more quickly."
Mike Hosier, head of real estate, Overmoon.

In addition, because Overmoon has centralized closings and a dedicated team for every deal, they have become increasingly efficient, saving hours on each transaction. The time saved enables them to concentrate more on their core mission of creating an unparalleled vacation rental experience for their customers.

“Endpoint has become a valuable contributor by helping us close smarter and faster. They have the ability to help us scale quicker as we expand our footprint," Hosier said. "We're confident we can continue to build on that momentum as we move into other markets."

​​Endpoint addresses the challenges of closing transactions nationally and has helped Overmoon maintain its growth trajectory. They remain committed to keeping customers the focal point of what they do as they strive for a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

“We have some exciting plans in the works, and we believe that our relationship with Endpoint has us well-positioned to deliver on them," Hosier concluded. "It's an exciting time, and we can't wait to see what lies ahead."

When asked if he would recommend Endpoint to another investment company, Hosier said, "If you want a closing provider with the ability to scale with you and not have to build a large team around the escrow process, Endpoint will deliver a great experience.”

Proptech companies rely on Endpoint to build a better closing experience that fits their unique business needs.

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