Earnest money deposit

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Submitting an earnest money deposit is one of the most important milestones in the home closing process. When a buyer’s offer on a home is accepted, they make an earnest money deposit to show they are serious (earnest) about purchasing the property, so it’s critical that deposits are completed on time.

At Endpoint, we offer several payment methods for buyers to make their earnest money deposits.

Skip the bank and pay online

Complete your earnest money deposit transfer online to securely send money through an electronic, bank-to-bank transfer that same day, from anywhere. *Please note that some restrictions may apply.

Write a check

Prefer to write a check to cover your deposit? Our app supports mobile check deposits, or you can send a standard check or cashier's check using overnight mail.

Pay by wire transfer

If you choose to pay by wire transfer, we’ll send you wiring instructions securely on the Endpoint platform to protect you from wire fraud. From there, you can set up a wire transfer directly with your bank. Additional fees associated with your bank may apply.

Earnest money deposit

Things to consider

Security is key
All instructions regarding earnest money will be sent directly through the Endpoint platform to ensure your payment is secure and protected against fraud.

Choose a payment method that fits your transaction timelineIf your purchase contract stipulates that funds must be released to the seller in less than 10 days from the date of deposit, our cashier’s check and wire transfer options will ensure your funds are cleared for use upon receipt. While our online payment and mobile check options are convenient payment options, they require a 10-day hold on funds prior to them being available for use, release, or refund. If you have any questions about submitting your earnest money deposit, please contact us.

*Please note that some restrictions may apply to the maximum amounts allowable for digital bank-to-bank transfers. Please contact the Endpoint team to discuss which earnest money deposit option is best for you.