Streamlining Closings with a Centralized Closing Team

Discover how a centralized closing team can transform your real estate transactions. With an expert team equipped for national scalability, you can streamline your closings and optimize your real estate investments. Learn more.

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Navigating the choppy waters of real estate transactions can be a daunting task. The closing process is the culmination of weeks, perhaps months, of meticulous planning and anticipation. Suddenly, you're thrust into a whirlwind of paperwork, legal jargon, and deadlines that seem to make the process more overwhelming than exciting. 

Now imagine a team, empowered by cutting-edge technology, that guides you through each step of this journey with ease, clarity, and confidence.

The good news is that this dynamic team already exists. Endpoint has spent the last few years assembling a centralized team capable of handling title and escrow services across the nation. Made up of seasoned Closing Specialists and The Hub, our experts are focused on one mission: making home closing easy for all. This article will take you behind the scenes to reveal how these dedicated professionals are making home closing transactions easier, enabling you to focus on what truly matters most.

Who Makes up the Centralized Closing Team?

The Closing Specialists are title and escrow experts who help navigate your transactions by taking ownership of the file and moving your transactions through each milestone. In addition to Closing Specialists, The Hub is made up of squads of specialists devoted to specific points in real estate transactions.

The Hub and Closing Specialists work closely during each transaction to deliver personalized service from contract to close. We are confident that our centralized approach won't replace personalized customer service with digital closings; rather, it will magnify its impact by automating redundant tasks and making way for better customer service.

Centralizing the Closing Process

Endpoint began the journey to create a centralized closing team back in 2020. Led by Chief Operating Officer, Shawna Hernandez, our team was the first to take the regional closing process and centralize it. With decades of experience as an escrow officer herself, Hernandez was the right leader to help Endpoint centralize the closing experience without sacrificing customer service. 

“Technology can empower people to accomplish more every day,” said Hernandez. “Let the machines take care of repetitive tasks so people have time and space to connect.”

We recognize that the real estate closing process has remained static, with lenders and investors relying on local title agencies to oversee transactions. This decentralized approach may suit individual buyers or smaller regional stakeholders, but it poses a significant hurdle for national-scale real estate investors and proptech companies who grapple with countless local title companies across the country.

At Endpoint we’re tackling this issue head-on by offering tech-powered centralized closing solutions. Our innovative model is designed to eliminate common barriers to business expansion while simultaneously maintaining, if not enhancing, the level of communication and service you're accustomed to. With Endpoint, you're not just adapting to the future of real estate - you're helping to shape it.

Centralization Enables Customization

While standardization can often be associated with technology automation and limited human interaction, when properly implemented, standardization can improve the customer experience. The standardized process establishes a scalable and efficient process, and importantly, it can minimize potential risks.

Utilizing a team of experts and implementing a uniform procedure significantly decreases the likelihood of mistakes that could occur with a single operator. Just as you wouldn't entrust one individual with the operation of an entire business, it's crucial to have specialists in each area to ensure your company operates optimally.

“Our vision is to automate manual tasks while amplifying the human aspects for our customers. What our customers get from a centralized, standardized operating environment, is a better experience that you just cannot get with a single-seat operator,” said Hernandez.

Endpoint has implemented its strategy to standardize the home closing process with help from the centralized closing team. By standardizing the process, we can identify the tasks that would be most impactful to automate. We intentionally opted for this unique strategy, which is not standard across the industry at this point, because we can enhance our ability to serve our customers nationwide more effectively. 

“In the past when someone had a question, I needed to turn to a paper file folder to find the answer, but with Endpoint’s unique team approach, the process doesn’t have to stop when I’m away from my computer. Anyone can go into the file, get up to speed quickly, and pick up where I left off,” shared Closing Specialist Manager, Brandi Beaudoin.

“We envisioned specialists who would manage an order from open to close, and proactively reach out and provide a higher-touch closing experience than many others offer,” added Garreth Long, senior vice president of revenue. 

Automation is an integral part of this process as it helps us improve accuracy, save time, and enables our centralized closing team to provide superior service.

Finally, our team is actively investing in building technology that makes the closing process more intuitive for our clients and employees. We’ve implemented modern document management systems and a suite of APIs and integrations to streamline document uploads and kick off the closing process more seamlessly.

Everyone Wins with a Centralized Closing Team

With our digital model, Endpoint customers can customize their experience. For example, selecting when and how they receive notifications for closing milestones that need to be completed. Automation enables flexibility to create a unique environment for each customer’s preferences. 

In addition, it’s scalable and more efficient when trying to close deals nationally. Our closers understand regional nuances and compliance regulations across the US, so we’re ready to help wherever business takes you. 

With our centralized closing team by your side, there’s always someone available to assist with transactions. Our team of experts handles transactions with care — no matter the complexity.

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