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Home equity companies are offering consumers new solutions to unlock their home equity to achieve their goals and partnering with Endpoint for a simplified closing process.

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In recent years, homebuyers were able to capitalize on historically low interest rates. However, as interest rates and inflation are now rising, many homeowners are choosing to remain in their homes longer. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for ways to cash in on their equity. Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) and other types of equity transactions are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to maximize their investments before they sell. 

Along with interest rates, home appreciation is also rising. In fact, U.S. homeowners with mortgages have seen their equity increase by 27.8% year over year, according to CoreLogic. As more homeowners take advantage of their equity growth to remodel or renovate, proptech companies offering home equity solutions are taking on a new level of complexity and a larger volume of transactions.

A common goal 

When starting the process of working with an equity proptech company, there is often a goal in mind. Whether it’s remodeling the kitchen, adding a pool to the backyard, or constructing an additional bedroom to support their growing family, the homeowner needs capital to achieve that goal. 

Equity companies and Endpoint also share a common goal: making the entire experience seamless from start to finish. We want the homeowner to feel supported and trust that this highly personal process is handled with care. 

By working together, each partner offers the homeowner something they need in the process. The home equity company provides the financial backing needed to achieve the goal, while digital title offers a flexible and convenient way to review and sign loan documents.

Understanding underwriting

Underwriting is one of the most vital aspects to ensure real estate deals are closed properly. To support the market demand and influx of transactions, home equity companies need a dependable closing partner they can rely on to complete transactions accurately and in a timely manner. Backed by First American, Endpoint’s closing team leverages over 130 years of underwriting expertise and is diligent about accuracy during the closing process.

Staying up to speed with equity transactions

Along with a focus on accuracy, Endpoint’s digital solutions are flexible and transparent, ensuring both the homeowner and equity company are aligned every step of the way. 

We also understand that equity investment transactions are conducted nationally, which means you need a closing partner that is licensed across the country to support various transactions regardless of location or size. 

“We are seeing booming growth in equity transactions right now, and we recognize a unique opportunity to partner with equity proptech companies to provide them a digital solution to close these transactions seamlessly. Endpoint has the underwriting expertise, national scale, and the support teams need to effectively close the larger volume of deals that we’re seeing today,” said Amanda Price, Head of Strategy & Growth for Endpoint.

The big picture 

By partnering with a digital title company like Endpoint, home equity companies can benefit from flexibility with tech integrations that help streamline communications. And with a host of data solutions for pre-qualification, and a national presence, equity proptech companies can trust that Endpoint will help them get the job done. 

Speak with Endpoint about partnering on equity transactions.

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