How Digital Closing Simplifies SFR Transactions

Closing on single family rental investments can be cumbersome. Learn how digital closing simplifies the closing process for real estate investors.


Single family rentals are on the rise. In fact, there were 63% more single family homes being used as rentals in the first quarter of 2022 compared to a year ago, according to the National Association of Home Builders®. With so much market demand from renters looking to occupy single family homes, investors are continuing to venture into single family rental investments.

Considering the rapid growth of single-family rentals, investors are looking for ways to streamline their closing process. With many complex transactions happening at once, it can become cumbersome to manage them all efficiently. However, investors are increasingly turning to digital closing solutions to ease friction and facilitate smooth and accurate closings for investment deals. 

Digital closings for investment deals

Digital closing is a great option to support the many transactions of a single family rental investment deal. In fact, automation efforts on the backend can help to keep the title and escrow process moving more efficiently.

Additionally, a digital title and escrow company, like Endpoint, is equipped to support bulk transactions and brings a centralized closing process to large scale transactions. As an investor, you’ll receive frequent and automated transaction updates so you’ll always know where your transactions are in the closing process.

In addition, you will be supported by a dedicated team of closing specialists who are available with extended operating hours. 

Backed by First American, Endpoint has extensive industry expertise as well as underwriting title experts in-house to support your residential real estate investment needs. 

Accuracy is key

When it comes to your large scale investment deals, you need a dedicated team you know you can trust. A team that is well-versed in compliance guidelines and settlement expertise will ensure your transactions are not only efficient, but that closings are handled with accuracy and care. 

“Digital closing solutions are transforming the way large scale investment deals are orchestrated. With the use of APIs, large real estate investment companies can streamline the closing process and rest assured that the deals are completed accurately and on schedule,” said Matt Olsen, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Endpoint. 

The right digital closing partner can provide you with supporting services for 1031 exchanges, current estimated valuations, lien position validation, and custom portfolio management. These additional supporting services allow for a centralized experience where every step of a transaction is handled in one place, making the process more operationally efficient.

Look for a national digital closing provider

It is common for investment deals to cross state lines, which can make keeping track of regional regulations a challenge. Working with a national digital closing provider that’s licensed across the country, such as Endpoint, means you can trust that your centralized team is properly equipped to handle any investment deal, regardless of location, the volume of transactions, or difficulty. 

In addition, online signings are a great option for those who are investing in a large portfolio across the nation. If an investment deal is being purchased in cash, online signings are a simple way to finish the closing process. If the investment deal is going through financing, a remote online notary can be a great option to streamline the signing from just about anywhere, at the time that works best for you. Endpoint also offers buyers and sellers the ability to use a remote notary who will travel to them for an in-person signing as needed.

Simplifying single family rental deals

While single family rental investment deals are complex, the closing process doesn’t have to be difficult. With a digital closing platform and the right closing team, investors can simplify their transactions, freeing up their time to grow their investment portfolio, and focus their energy on clients.

Start simplifying investment deals with Endpoint

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