Technology is fueling great service, not replacing it, Endpoint VP says

Shawna Hernandez, VP of Operations at Endpoint, shares her insights on the future of title and settlement at Inman Connect New York.

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As technology becomes more prominent in real estate transactions, people often debate whether an experience driven by people or technology is the best approach. Yet, instead of choosing between one or the other, what if the solution to an easy transaction is a combination of the two?

“Technology can empower people to accomplish more every day,” said Shawna Hernandez, Vice President of Operations at Endpoint. “Let the machines take care of the repetitive tasks so people have time and space to connect.”

Real estate professionals, tech entrepreneurs and investors flocked to Inman Connect New York last week where Hernandez joined a panel to share her thoughts on how technology can enable a seamless real estate transaction. A former escrow officer herself, Hernandez spoke to the importance of a human touch throughout the closing process in particular, and how technology can actually enable great service, rather than replace it. 

“What we do at Endpoint is leverage technology in a mindful, holistic way – not in a way that’s going to replace the human element, but really to enhance it and optimize it,” Hernandez said.  “I know firsthand how important it is to have that kind of shepherd to the transaction that's communicating with the realtor and customers along the way.”

Endpoint, a digital title and settlement company, aims to deliver an easy home closing experience for all parties in the transaction with a strategic combination of people, process, and technology. 

“When you look under the hood of a closing transaction, there are one billion details to consider,” Hernandez said. “That's not something for the buyer, seller or realtor to worry about, so we've organized those details, and essentially operationalized them.” 

Endpoint identifies key moments when their Closing Specialists’ expertise will be most helpful during the closing process, Hernandez said. To ensure closers have ample time to dedicate to those steps, they leverage technology and automation to streamline routine tasks. Technology also provides more options for communication as new generations enter the housing market. 

“Consumers today – they want to talk to us, they want to text with us, and they want to engage with us via app,” Hernandez noted. “We're all about that. It all really starts with wrangling those details and standardizing our process so that we can deliver ease in a way that our customers can consume it.”

When speaking about the benefits technology can bring to communication with customers, she also noted the importance of recognizing that the needs of real estate professionals differ from the needs of their clients. 

“We know you're busy, so we don't want to inundate you with a million details, but we want to make sure that you are hooked in the meaningful milestone moments in a transaction,” Hernandez noted. “A realtor can use our platform, customize their experience, and choose whether they want an email or text to stay informed about key moments so they can go and sell and focus on customers without having to worry about whether tasks have been completed.”

With the combination of expert teams, centralized operations and intuitive technology, Endpoint’s goal is that all customers feel confident at the closing table since they have been kept informed along the way. 

“I remember the experience of being at the closing table,” Hernandez recalled. “At the end of the signing, the buyer would turn to the realtor and say, ‘Oh, that was easy.’ As a closer, I knew that was the magical moment. I knew that was the end-all, be-all of what we’re trying to do here.”

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