Blueprint 2022: Closing Solutions That Scale With You

Watch as Amanda Price takes the stage at Blueprint 2022 to discuss Endpoint’s digital closing solutions that are built to scale.

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Listen in as Amanda Price, Endpoint’s Head of Strategy and Growth, speaks at Blueprint 2022, sharing the story of how Endpoint came to be, starting with our original founding team.

In speaking with real estate agents, buyers and sellers, proptech companies, and lenders, the Endpoint team discovered a few overarching themes when it came to the pain points the real estate industry was facing. From communication, to transparency, and uncertainty around the closing process, these topics seem to come up in conversation time and time again. 

The founding team set out on a journey to reimagine the closing process by combining the right blend of people, process, and technology to solve these gaps in the market. Thus, Endpoint was created, and we began on our mission to make home closing easy for all.

Learn how Endpoint grew from these initial conversations to become the premier digital title company supporting countless real estate closing transactions across the United States. Watch Amanda’s full presentation below.

Want to see for yourself how digital closing solutions can streamline your real estate business? Speak to an Endpoint team member today.

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