Equity Company Expands to 7 New Markets with Digital Closings

Discover how equity companies are streamlining their operations, creating a simpler customer experience, and experiencing accelerated growth with digital closing solutions from Endpoint.


As interest rates remain high at over six percent, some homeowners are considering equity transactions that allow them to access home equity in untraditional ways. As a result, equity companies like Truehold are seeing a rise in transactions. 

Truehold’s model focuses on allowing homeowners to access their equity without moving out of their homes. This means homeowners don’t have to move in order to tap into the equity they’ve built in their home. In an unpredictable real estate market, Truehold provides homeowners with a greater range of financial options.

Increased Demand for Equity

As more homeowners looked to access their home equity, Truehold began to expand to new markets. The team quickly realized they needed a closing solution to scale with them as they grew nationally. 

That’s when Truehold was introduced to Endpoint. Endpoint helps proptech and equity companies like Truehold expand their businesses and close more transactions with faster speed and greater accuracy. With a team of title and escrow veterans at the helm, Endpoint has the experienced team and technology to streamline the entire process from initial document upload to closing day.

"We were immediately impressed with the integrated platform and how it makes closing quick and easy, said Kirstin West, lead transaction manager for Truehold. "It was exactly what we needed."

Homeowner Benefits

Homeowners who work with Truehold to access their equity can complete their home closing digitally through Truehold’s integration with Endpoint. Once homeowners are under contract with Truehold, they can upload documents and complete most closing paperwork digitally via the Endpoint platform. 

Truehold shares that the platform is extremely user-friendly for sellers, and that their customers are enjoying the digital closing experience.

“The team was professional and kind, every step of the way!” said one Truehold seller of their experience using Endpoint. “They always kept us informed and were there to explain documents if the need arose.”

By working with Truehold and Endpoint, homeowners reap the benefits of accessing their home equity in a secure and timely manner, with a stress-free, efficient closing. 

Closing Efficiently for Scale

Endpoint’s team has worked closely with Truehold to develop a process that allows them to offer customers seamless closings, while also allowing Truehold to scale in new markets. 

The Truehold team and their customers can sign documents digitally, securely share them with the closing teams, and track their transaction progress in real-time. By allowing documents to be uploaded electronically, Truehold's email correspondence with customers has been significantly reduced, saving their team valuable time.

“Endpoint has been very beneficial in cutting down the time we spend going back and forth with our sellers and the closing team,” West noted.

With licenses across the US and the ability to manage many transactions in one platform, Endpoint is dedicated and well-equipped to help Truehold with their needs as they grow. In fact, the integration has allowed Truehold to close transactions so efficiently that they have expanded to seven new markets since working with Endpoint.

Dedicated support

Endpoint provides ongoing support with a dedicated single point of contact that assists with all Truehold’s transactions. 

“The biggest benefit of working with Endpoint has been working with super responsive people that understand our business model. They are also great about giving and receiving feedback that helps us grow” West said.

Through frequent communication, both parties are continually working to make the integration successful and improve the real estate process for users.

A Shared Commitment to Innovation

Endpoint and Truehold are both dedicated to innovating the real estate space and creating solutions that support the needs of today’s market. This shared commitment will continue to help both companies thrive. 

“We are excited to collaborate even more in the future and work together to make one another better,” West said. “We’re seeing success on both sides, and we will continue to make improvements as a joined effort.”

In line with their business model, Truehold wants to help homeowners make smart financial decisions without the hassle of moving. Endpoint helps Truehold close transactions more efficiently so they can help more homeowners to achieve their goals.

Endpoint’s comprehensive platform provides everything proptech equity companies need to streamline and facilitate real estate transactions, helping ensure that each step of the process is handled efficiently. As well as being easy to use, it can help create operational time savings by automating paperwork processing – meaning more time spent closing deals instead of managing mundane tasks. 

Whether you are expanding into new markets or simply improving the customer experience through digitization, Endpoint's digital closing solutions can provide the assistance needed to reach these goals quickly and cost-effectively. Learn more about Endpoint’s solutions for proptech companies

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