IMN SFR West 2023: Essential Takeaways for SFR Investors

Our in-depth recap of the IMN SFR West conference highlights the key insights, trends, and strategies discussed by industry leaders, tailored exclusively for SFR investors. Stay ahead of the curve in the single-family rental market with our comprehensive post-event analysis.


This year’s IMN Single-Family Rental (SFR) West Conference was yet another exceptional event. The annual forum is known for bringing together the brightest minds in the sector, providing a platform where industry professionals can share insights, discuss trends, and network with like-minded peers.

This recap contains key takeaways from the conference with a lens on offering valuable insights for SFR investors navigating the dynamic market landscape. So, whether you attended the conference and want to revisit its key moments or missed the event and are looking to catch up, this is designed for you.  

Key Insights and Takeaways for SFR Investors

Scott Martino, Endpoint CEO, shared his perspective and insights during a data and technology panel session that left the audience with plenty of food for thought. With multiple decades of title and escrow industry experience, Martino’s insights provided a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing SFR investors in today's market.

Top Priorities for SFR Investors

With limited inventory and high cap rates, SFR investors are currently focusing on three main areas:

  1. Identifying acquisitions: In a competitive market, finding the right properties to purchase is crucial. Investors are increasingly turning to data and technology to help them identify where and what to buy.
  2. Ensuring transactions close seamlessly: Once a winning offer is made, it's essential to ensure the transaction doesn't fall through. This stage requires a seamless, fast, and predictable closing process.
  3. Minimizing delays: Any delay in getting a property into production can significantly impact revenue and cash management. Therefore, minimizing these delays is a top priority.

Vendor Assessment Considerations

When assessing vendors, such as title and escrow companies, inspectors, lenders, or data providers, SFR investors should prioritize those who promise speed and certainty from initial property screening to closing. Martino cited two vital considerations for investors: selecting vendors who will be there throughout every real estate cycle and who are in alignment with your vision and goals. 

“Consider their long-term investment and where they're headed in the future," Martino advised. When integrating with a new vendor, there is typically quite a bit of upfront time required for successful change management, therefore it’s important to commit with a vendor that is aligned with your short-term and long-term vision. 

While there has been a substantial amount of investment in the real estate technology industry, we are just starting to see the potential of its impact, Martino added.

“Real estate technology is evolving, not revolutionizing, so it's important to consider not just what the vendor has done today, but where they're going over the next few years,” he said. 

For example, Endpoint is backed by First American with $220 million in funding, making us well-positioned to innovate as well as draw from 130 years of title expertise as we deliver an end-to-end seamless closing experience for SFR investors today and in the future.

Optimizing Transaction Speed and Accuracy

Alongside assessing vendors for quality, it is equally crucial to prioritize speed and accuracy. Every transaction is different, and balancing speed and accuracy while considering each deal's nuances can be challenging. Automation, coupled with a seasoned closing specialist's expertise, can reduce errors and ensure transactions are handled efficiently. Endpoint's centralized operating platform leverages AI and machine learning to automatically open orders, contributing to faster, more accurate transactions.

Technology Integration

API and integrations can help to reduce errors and speed time to close. The key to seamlessly integrating technology into current workflows and tech stacks is to choose solutions that can be tailored to each SFR investors’ specific needs. Endpoint's technology, for instance, allows enterprise clients to manage transactions within their platform, alleviating the need to toggle between platforms and re-enter transaction information. These features increase visibility, security, accuracy, and speed. This approach effectively makes Endpoint an extension of an SFR investor’s operations.

Endpoint: Simplifying the Closing Experience for Investors Nationwide

At the IMN Single-Family Rental West Conference, Martino and the Endpoint team had the opportunity to share the impact digital closing technology is having on the closing process for investors across the U.S. Endpoint was founded with a commitment to innovating in the title and settlement industry through its unique combination of people, process, and technology.

People: Your Single Point of Contact

When working with Endpoint, investors gain access to a team of industry veterans who understand the nuances of investor deals. The Endpoint team can facilitate many supporting services you might need, such as 1031 exchanges, bulk transactions, and current estimated valuations. Moreover, you'll have a single point of contact for every transaction, regardless of its geographic location. This approach not only simplifies communication but also significantly reduces the time spent making calls or emailing multiple closing providers.

Process: Expertise on Your Most Complicated Deals

Endpoint, backed by First American, operates nationwide. As one of the top underwriters in the business, First American's support enables creative solutions and expertise for your most complicated deals. With more than a third of Endpoint's team dedicated to building a simplified closing experience, you are guaranteed a consistent and secure experience every time you close with us.

Technology: Seamless Integration Into Your Platform

Endpoint's technology takes simplicity up a notch by allowing you to integrate the closing process into your platform. For instance, a single-family investor in Florida uses Endpoint's API and integrations to track the closing process and view closing documents directly from their own platform. As a result, they've been able to consolidate vendors, streamline workflows, and save valuable resources typically allocated to closing deals.

Endpoint offers a variety of solutions that make the closing process easier for investors. If you're an investor looking to streamline your closing process, Endpoint has a solution built for you.

Comprehensive Nationwide Closing Solutions

Renowned for its mission to make home closing easy for all, what makes Endpoint particularly unique is its ability to provide comprehensive nationwide closing solutions, even in attorney states.

Despite the intricacies involved in dealing with attorney states, Endpoint ensures simplicity by serving as your central point of contact on a national level. This centralized approach—even in attorney states—ensures that SFR investors have a streamlined and consistent closing experience, regardless of where your properties are located.

Provider Preferences: Collaborative Approach

Endpoint is there to work with you. Endpoint facilitates seamless collaboration with your existing roster of attorneys, ensuring our team remains your central point of contact on a national level.

Endpoint fulfills closings in attorney states through the First American network. Each state has regulations that dictate the specific tasks attorneys must perform during real estate transactions. First American, as a leading title insurance underwriter, ensures all transactions follow these regulations to the letter.

Whether you're dealing with properties in attorney states or non-attorney states, Endpoint's comprehensive solutions ensure a streamlined and simplified closing experience. With its nationwide coverage, central point of contact, and ability to accommodate provider preferences, Endpoint truly stands out as a leader in the title and settlement industry.

The Endpoint Value 

Endpoint offers several key advantages for SFR investors, such as a streamlined closing process with speed, automation, and access to extensive real estate data. 

In essence, closing with Endpoint means SFR investors receive nationwide coverage, simplifying the investment process and making it easier to navigate the current challenging market conditions.

Are you an investor looking to streamline your transactions? Get in touch with us.

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